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What is a pet job?

How do I apply for a pet job?

Can I simultaneously join multiple campaigns?

What is the difference between Product Sponsorships and Paid Campaigns?

What am I required to do for my pet jobs?

Why do I need to be a Creator Account and how do I change to one?

What do usage rights mean?

How will I know if my application for a job is successful? Will I be notified?

How will I receive my product for the pet job?

Help! I require an extension for my pet job. Who can I reach out to?

I've signed up for a job, but I plan to withdraw. How should I proceed?

I am unable to utilize one of the products in the sponsorship package for a campaign I've been selected for, could I make a product swap or omit the product?

What happens if my pet doesn’t like or reacts badly to the product?

What is content review, and why does my content need to be reviewed? How do I send over my content for review?

How do I get my post insights?

How and when will my payouts be processed?

Help! I have yet to receive my payout!

I have a question that is not listed here.